Amazing Resources For Workers’ Compensation: Part 2

Knowledge is power in the aftermath of a workplace injury. These resources will provide valuable insight and inspiration as you recover from your injury and prepare for your return to the workforce:

  1. The Puzzling Geography of Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation varies significantly from one state to the next. Learn more about regional disparities in this report from NPR and ProPublica, which shines a much-needed light on disturbing issues with workers’ comp and treatment of injured employees.

  1. Adding Inequality to Injury: The Costs of Failing to Protect Workers on the Job

Over time, the failure to provide proper coverage for injured employees leads to great financial hardship. This Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) report highlights the clear role workers’ compensation (or lack thereof) plays in income inequality. It also offers suggestions for better protecting workers in the future.

  1. How to Avoid the Most Common Workplace Injuries

As an employee, you may have little control over your employers’ safety standards and adherence to OSHA regulations. However, you can avoid a variety of common issues, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and eye strain. This Howcast video is most applicable to office workers, but it also offers advice for those who regularly move heavy loads.

  1. Workplace Injury: A Personal Story

You’ll instantly relate to this story of woe from injured worker Bill Bowman. In this free podcast, Bowman details how he and his family were impacted by workplace injury. Although he hails from Canada, his story offers valuable insight for anybody who has been injured on the job.

The more you know about workers’ compensation and its role in your recovery, the better. Get educated; contact Smith, Wallis and Scott, LLP for more information on workers’ comp in the state of Georgia.

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