Amazing Resources For Workers’ Compensation: Part 1

As you recover from your workplace injury, you may have lingering questions about workers’ compensation, or a simple desire to connect with others who have been through similar ordeals. These resources will help you make the most of your situation and get back on your feet:

  1. Accidentally

A monthly podcast from the International Association of Industrial Accident Boards (IAIABC), Accidentally offers compelling insights into workers’ compensation: its history, how it stands today, and anticipated innovations.

  1. Workers’ Compensation Research Institute Benchmarks

WCRI is committed to providing the public with accurate, up-to-date information on workers’ compensation and the role it plays in the United States economy. The organization offers extensive benchmark information.

  1. These Are Our Stories

Although created in Australia, this YouTube video is applicable to injured workers in the United States, who struggle to overcome unfortunate stereotypes of laziness and lethargy. In These Are Our Stories, Australians recovering from illnesses and conditions incurred on the job speak of their suffering, their recovery, and their hopes for lives free of pain and negative judgment.

  1. OSHA’s Most Cited Violations For 2016

Thousands of workers are killed on the job every year, and many more are injured due to safety violations. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has yet to release violation information for 2017, but the 2016 list is in keeping with long-term trends. Ongoing issues include a complete lack of protection against falls, poor hazard communication, and minimal respiratory protection. A thorough understanding of these issues and the role they played in your injury (or could play in future injuries) could impact the capacity in which you eventually choose to return to work.

Once you’ve finished looking through the resources outlined above, contact Smith, Wallis and Scott, LLP to learn more about workers’ compensation.

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