6 Mistakes That Could Cause You to Be Denied Social Security Disability

Six Reasons Why People Fail to Qualify For Social Security Disability Even Though, Objectively, They Should

Most people who apply for Social Security disability benefits are confident that their applications will be approved. A shocking number of claims are denied, however, with the approval rate between 2001 and 2010 reaching just 45 percent. Denials can be prompted by a variety of factors, but the following are especially common:

  1. Paperwork Errors

Your case may meet all criteria for an approved disability claim, but if your paperwork is incorrect, your claim may be denied.

  1. Lack of Medical Evidence

It seems obvious to you that you should qualify for benefits, but the Social Security Administration demands extensive evidence. Many claims are denied simply because insufficient evidence is provided or because the evidence offered is not from approved sources.

  1. Lack of Communication

If the SSA tried and failed to get in touch with you, the result could be a swift denial. If you move after applying for Social Security disability benefits, it is absolutely imperative that you update your contact information.

  1. Failure to Follow Doctor’s Orders

It doesn’t matter how severe your suffering is — if you don’t follow the orders provided by your physician, you will likely be denied disability benefits. There are a few exceptions, however, such as severe mental illness that keeps you from following your doctor’s directions. Acceptable nonmedical excuses include a lack of funds for prescribed treatments. Financial hardship must be appropriately documented.

  1. Crime and Incarceration

If your disability occurred while you were in the process of committing a felony, you will not be eligible for benefits. Incarcerated individuals are also ineligible for Social Security disability.

  1. Short-Lived Medical Condition

A severe medical condition that otherwise seems eligible for disability benefits may lead to rejection if the SSA believes that your recovery will take less than a year. Your pain and inability to work right now matters little to the SSA if you are expected to recover within a few months.

If you have been denied Social Security disability benefits, it’s not necessarily too late to obtain the assistance you deserve. Contact Smith, Wallis & Scott, LLP today to learn more.

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