7 Things to Do After a Loved One Gets Hurt in a Car Accident

What to Do After a Loved One Has Been in a Car Accident: A Checklist (Part 1)

A dear friend or loved one is hurt, and you want to help. What constructive steps can you take? We’ll explore your options in a two-part post. (These are not presented in time-sensitive order, nor are they comprehensive. For insight into a legal case, consult an experienced car accident attorney. For medical advice, speak with a qualified doctor.)

  1. Go to the hospital to visit her.

 If possible, get a ride to the hospital from a friend. Science suggests that learning about trauma can impair your driving ability, so play it safe. If necessary, use public transportation or a ride-share service.

      2.  Get help with your children.

If you have babies, toddlers or young kids, make arrangements for them as soon as possible against all else, so you can concentrate on your hurt loved one. You may need to notify school and have someone collect your children. Ask a relative or friend to take care of them for a few days.

  1. Keep friends and family in the loop.

Ask one or two people to spread the word, so you do not have to rehash the news repeatedly.

  1. Tell the boss.

You may need to inform both your boss and your loved one’s employer of the situation. If you can’t be at work for a while, ask your Human Resources (HR) person about the company leave policy.

  1. Call in favors from your own friends.

Be direct, and be specific. What do you need to serve your loved one, to coordinate with doctors and to stay comfortable? For instance: get fresh clothes, toiletries, medications, your cell phone charger and your tablet.

  1. Check in with law enforcement.

Get the report number and the name of the officer who went to the scene of the accident.

  1. Find an experienced Georgia car accident attorney,

Time may be of the essence to preserve critical evidence from the scene of the crash before it gets cleaned up or forensic clues get lost. Our team at Smith, Wallis and Scott LLP can help you develop a battle plan. Call us at (770) 214-2500 for insight about your next steps.

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