A Powerful Behavior to Help You Regain Control

The Game-Changing Power of the Weekly Review

Statistics from the Pew Research Center indicate that 20 percent of Americans suffer from information overload. With constant exposure to advertisements, TV shows, podcasts and social media posts, it’s difficult to apply the information we encounter to our daily lives.

You may never absorb and fully utilize all of the information you encounter, but the right system can help you make the most of especially relevant stuff. Read on to learn about the power of the weekly review and how to integrate this key practice into your life:

Why a Weekly Review Helps

Your weekly review offers a valuable opportunity to organize an array of information in an easily digestible manner. Your chief goal? To reduce confusion and expedite the week ahead. Remember the analogy of sharpening the saw to expedite cutting down a tree? Think of this process as your version of sharpening the saw.

How to Conduct a Weekly Review

Begin by scheduling a time to review, free of distractions. Examine your current projects and rank them based on urgency. Look at your calendar, and jot down details as necessary. Think about projects for which you’ve struggled to set aside time, and determine how you can fit even small aspects of these tasks into your schedule for the next week.

Reviewing, Not Doing

The key to success in a weekly review: abiding by its name. Spend this special time reviewing, and not doing. Resist the urge to tackle items on your checklist, and instead, focus on prioritizing and scheduling. You’ll thank yourself later.

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