After a Georgia Car Accident: A Guide for Friends and Family

Someone You Love Was Hurt in a Georgia Car Accident: What Now?

 You’ll never forget the phone call. Your day was going along like any other; then you got the news. A catastrophic car accident severely hurt someone you love. Perhaps a runaway truck veered into your mother’s car’s lane; or maybe a teen driver immersed in text messaging T-boned the vehicle.

In any case, the situation has probably been quite overwhelming. Hopefully, your loved one survived. But no matter what happened, you face many challenges in the weeks ahead.

To that end, in this and upcoming posts, we’ll discuss strategies, tactics and resources to cope with the aftermath of a loved one’s car crash. Please bookmark this series, or call us for immediate, personal assistance.

The Next Several Days and Weeks

In the short-term, your to-do list will likely be packed. (And it’s not like you didn’t already have a tremendous amount on your plate.) Among many other projects, you might have to notify employers, friends, and relatives; help with the immediate medical crisis; keep the family going with meals, clean clothes, and school; deal with insurance issues; and find a good lawyer. We’ll explore challenges related to all these problems.

Beyond Triage—Coping with a New Normal

Depending on what happened, the echo of the accident could ring for some time. Over the long haul, you may need to deal with costly rehab; psychological fallout; loss of income to the family; and legal and financial crises. We’ll walk you through what to expect and connect you with powerful resources to weather the storms ahead.

Undoubtedly, you’re feeling strong emotions—overwhelm, anxiety, dread, perhaps numbness. But you don’t have to go through these challenges alone! The experienced team at Smith, Wallis and Scott LLP is standing by to help your family understand and protect your rights. Call us at (770) 214-2500 for a confidential free consultation. We can help you reclaim control.

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