Changing the Caregiver Experience to Meet Your Needs

Envisioning How You Want the Caregiving Experience to Change—And Figuring Out What to Do About It

If you’re anything like the typical caregiver, you experience significant mental turmoil, to the point that your physical health also takes a hit. From anxiety about your injured family member to sleepless nights spent addressing emergency situations, your caretaking difficulties never seem to end. Now that you’ve identified these challenges, you can take proactive steps to improve your life, while still helping a loved one in need.

Classify Changes As Acceptable Or Unacceptable

Some challenges may not be entirely problematic. Determine which aspects of the caregiving experience you can handle—or even actively enjoy—and which warrant changes. For example, you might have less time now for social outings, but perhaps you always dreaded going out on the town—and your caretaking duties give you an excuse to stay home. Health problems such as back pain from caretaking-related heavy lifting, however, are unacceptable.

Develop Steps to Change Unacceptable Circumstances

Once you’ve determined which aspects of caregiving require prompt changes, develop actionable steps that will lead you to a healthier and more satisfying life. Begin by prioritizing—don’t tackle everything at once. What about the caregiving lifestyle bothers you most?

If caregiving duties keep you too busy to sleep or partake in favorite hobbies, consider outsourcing certain tasks. There’s no shame in asking for help. Budget for equipment that will reduce heavy lifting or other burdens that could harm your health. A variety of strategies can ease every aspect of daily life for you and the person you assist.

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