Driving While Recovering from a Car Accident Injury: Critical Things to Keep in Mind

You’ve suffered a terrifying accident, and you are in no hurry to get back behind the wheel. Eventually, however, you’ll need to resume your driving routine. The following tactics can help you work through traffic anxiety and avoid future collisions:

Enroll In a Defensive Driving Course

The right class will allow you to regain your sense of control in the aftermath of a horrific car crash. You’ll learn how to recognize dangerous situations and respond before a wreck becomes imminent.

Drive With a Friend

The first time you get behind the wheel, ask a trusted friend or family member to ride along. You can take solace in knowing that, if the experience becomes too overwhelming, somebody else can take over.

Begin With Brief Drives

This is not the time to tackle a four-hour journey to your cabin up north. Your first unassisted drive should last no longer than ten minutes. Travel to the bank, the grocery store, or to a friend’s house — anywhere you can reach without hitting nerve-wracking traffic.

Learn From Your Mistakes

If you contributed in some way to the car accident, use that experience to spur better driving habits. Drive the speed limit, make necessary adjustments in inclement weather, and ditch distractions such as cell phones, food, or loud music.

Revisit the Crash Site (Depending on Your Comfort Level)

According to some trauma authorities, the longer you avoid the scene of an accident, the more you’ll feed lingering anxieties. Consider stopping by the former crash site a few days or weeks after you’ve successfully resumed your status as a motorist—and recovered your psychological equilibrium—and assess how you feel.

There’s no need to avoid your car indefinitely; with time, support, and a defensive driving class, you can return to your vehicle feeling confident in your ability to avoid future collisions.

As you deal with the anxiety of post-crash driving, let Smith, Wallis and Scott, LLP handle the legal strategy to get you fairly compensated for damages you sustained in your Georgia car accident.

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