Georgia Car Accident Attorneys Offer a Unique Perspective

Car Accident Claims: Summing Up the Big Ideas

Georgia roads grow safer every year, but drivers and passengers do remain exceedingly vulnerable. The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety reported 116,458 traffic-related injuries in 2013—down considerably from 128,315 in 2007. These injured parties can face a lengthy negotiation settlement process and, sometimes, litigation.

The following are the most important takeaways to keep in mind as you pursue a car accident settlement:

The Settlement Negotiation Process

Many Georgia car accident victims prefer the apparent guarantee of a settlement to the risk of trial. Nothing is ever certain, however, and the settlement process can be frustratingly complex. Insurance adjusters often delay claims in hopes of avoiding significant payouts. Further complications can be caused by modified comparative fault, which holds drivers at partial fault for accidents liable. Negotiations often break down, but the threat of a lawsuit can sometimes spark action among difficult adjusters.

Uninsured Drivers

Complicated in the best of situations, car accident cases become especially thorny when uninsured or underinsured drivers are involved. Uninsured motorist coverage provides valuable protection. Unfortunately, insurance companies often balk at providing fair coverage for drivers with UMC policies. Lack of insurance may play a role in personal injury lawsuits, especially if accompanied by speeding, running lights or other reckless behavior.

Returning to the Road

You may suffer anxiety when you finally get behind the wheel, or you may feel guilty about your role in the accident, no matter how minor. Commit to driving distraction-free. Follow the rules of the road and pull over if anxiety takes over. Apply the lessons from your accident to your daily drives, and those feelings of guilt and fear will lessen with time.

Contact Smith, Wallis and Scott, LLP at your earliest convenience to learn more about the settlement process. We can help you obtain the compensation you deserve and reclaim peace of mind.


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