Georgia Text Messaging Accident: Who Is to Blame?

Did the Other Driver’s Text Messaging (Or Distracting Activity) Cause Your Georgia Auto Accident? If So, How Can You Prove It?

Georgia law prohibits drivers from engaging in any activities — including text messaging — that might impede them from safely operating motorized vehicles. Unfortunately, many drivers ignore this ban. Their unsafe behavior leads to far too many accidents.

Do you suspect that a behind-the-wheel texter caused your car crash? The right evidence can help you hold negligent drivers accountable.

Signs of Texting Behind the Wheel

It’s easy to spot drivers who text behind the wheel. They lower their heads, weave, and drive at a snail’s pace. At night, their phones emit a distinctive glow. Drivers distracted by other objects or activities may veer over lane lines or fail to stop at signs or lights.

Proving the Role of Texting or Other Distractions

Texters beware: in the event of an accident, it can be surprisingly easy (at least in certain cases) for law enforcement and skilled legal representatives to prove that cell phone activity played a role in your collision. The following sources of evidence are particularly common:

Witness Testimony

Pedestrians, bikers, or other drivers often witness problematic behaviors immediately preceding a crash. These individuals can be called upon to provide detailed feedback regarding the collision’s circumstances. Passengers who accompanied the distracted driver at the time of the wreck serve as even better sources of information, although their testimony can sometimes be unreliable.

Cell Phone Records

Cell phones provide irrefutable proof of the other driver’s distraction just prior to the accident. Car crash victims should note the exact time of the event; this can later be used to prove that the responsible party sent or received texts shortly before the collision occurred.

Photos of the Vehicle

The position of the mobile device within the vehicle could indicate its placement at the time of the accident. Certain locations are notoriously amenable to texting.

Do you believe texting played a role in your car crash? Don’t let the other driver get away with negligence — contact Smith, Wallis and Scott, LLP today to seek justice.

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