Summing It All Up: Your Georgia Workers’ Compensation Journey

Workers’ compensation provides coverage for emergency and rehabilitative care following a workplace accident. Approved treatments can enhance your likelihood of promptly returning to the job you love. Claim denial is common, however, and the problems don’t always end after you resume your career.

Ready to file for workers’ comp or appeal a claim denial? Keep the following concepts in mind:

Special Considerations

Georgia workers’ compensation cases vary wildly: some employees suffer chronic conditions following years of debilitating work, while other health concerns arrive unexpectedly. Previously healthy workers succumb to workplace disasters. Still others experience a sudden worsening of unrelated injuries in response to overexertion on the job. Pre-existing conditions make the employer’s role in the injury far more difficult to prove. Regardless of the circumstances, injured employees must provide thorough documentation, or risk claim denial.

Returning to Work

Don’t rush your return to the workplace. Taking shortcuts with your recovery could lead to reinjury. Document all symptoms and how they evolve with time. As you prepare for re-entry into the workforce, think carefully about your career path and whether it’s still suitable, given your condition. Consider switching to a less physically demanding role, such as an office position.

Upon resuming your former position or finding a new job, maintain a healthy lifestyle and follow your doctor and therapist’s instructions. Continue to document your condition; this will increase your likelihood of once again securing benefits if you suffer reinjury.

As the victim of a workplace injury, you potentially face a long and arduous road to recovery. An optimistic, yet realistic attitude can make all the difference, as can detail-oriented representation through all phases of the legal process.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our series and that it’s empowered you to take back control. Ready to learn more about workers’ compensation? Smith, Wallis and Scott, LLP can help you understand your options and obtain fair and complete benefits. Get in touch today.


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