Getting a Safer Car After a Georgia Car Crash

How to Shop For a Safer Car (After a Georgia Car Accident)

Your recent Georgia car accident destroyed your pride and joy—your vehicle. You, like many car accident victims, may be tempted to hunt for the exact same make and model. There’s no guarantee you’ll avoid future accidents, however, so it behooves you to find the safest vehicle possible. Keep these tips in mind as you start shopping:

Pay Attention to Safety Ratings

Don’t assume that a vehicle is safe due to strong ratings for past models. Rankings can change significantly, and a vehicle that proved reliable at one time may no longer be the best option. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) regularly releases detailed safety information. Aim for vehicles with overall five-star NHTSA ratings. Top picks from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) are also worth considering.

Look For Active Safety Features

Today’s vehicles boast a variety of active safety features, which, in addition to providing additional protection in the event of a collision, prevent crashes from occurring in the first place. Examples include lane departure warning, blind spot detection and forward collision warning. Remember, while these features help, they will not always prevent accidents, especially if you use them as a crutch or demonstrate distracted driving behaviors.

Consider Vehicle Size

Small vehicles may boast the best fuel economy, but they also present significant safety concerns. Experts at IIHS claim that light vehicles experience higher crash force and provide lesser protection against injury. If safety is of utmost concern, a midsize or large vehicle may be the best option.

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