Helping After a Georgia Car Accident: Without Smothering

How to Help a Loved One After a Georgia Accident—Without Smothering

If a close friend or family member recently suffered a severe car accident, you’re probably eager to do your part to erase any lingering physical or emotional pain. Your support can play a critical role in your loved one’s recovery, but there’s a limit to what you can accomplish. In fact, take the support too far and you might hamper recovery efforts. Read on to learn how you can best support an injured loved one without reducing his or her perception of autonomy:

Plan a Fun Night Out—Or In

Sometimes, distraction is the best and most reliable cure. If your loved one is still recovering from a severe injury, think of a favorite activity, and plan an outing to break up the boredom. This could be as simple as a day of shopping or a lunch date. Keep your loved one’s current physical capabilities in mind; if severe injuries make most activities difficult, plan for game night or a Netflix binge session.

Understand the Role of Autonomy

Depression often manifests in situations involving a complete lack of autonomy. No matter the circumstances, adults don’t like feeling beholden to others.

Ample research indicates that autonomy plays a critical role in patient recovery. When people feel autonomous, they’re more likely to behave in ways that actually foster independence.

Remember the importance of autonomy as you help your loved one, and resist the urge to smother with too-frequent check-ins or offers of assistance. Don’t be offended if your offers are rescinded; car accident victims sometimes need time for processing and discernment before they can truly accept help from others.

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