Helping Children Distressed by a Georgia Car Accident

What You Can Do For the Children Involved In Your Georgia Car Accident

In 2012, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that a shocking 169,000 children under the age of 14 were injured in car accidents. Sadly, many of these children suffered lasting damage, both physical and mental. If your child was involved in a car accident, it is your job to promote healing and show your support, ideally with the following approaches:

Encourage Kids Through Physical Therapy

Depending on the extent of your child’s physical injuries, recovery from a given accident may require months of hard work. Accompany your child to physical therapy appointments, and, when home, encourage him or her to actually follow through with suggested stretches and exercises. Your child may be initially reluctant to stick with these exercises; your encouragement can promote full accountability and lead to significant gains in mobility and overall rehabilitation.

Monitor For Mental Illness

Working with a therapist is recommended for all children who suffer car accidents, but it’s particularly imperative for those who exhibit symptoms of depression. Keep an eye out for these symptoms, which may include withdrawal from friends, a loss of interest in favorite activities, sudden weight loss or weight gain, sleeplessness, or anxiety.

Work With a Therapist

The stress of a car accident can follow children for several months or even years. Their best bet for moving on does not involve repressing stress or anxiety, but rather, working with a therapist or psychologist to get in a healthier mindset. Your child’s therapist will encourage healthy outlets for stress and serve as a valuable advocate for your child’s mental health.

Let Kids Express Themselves

Not all kids are willing or able to adequately express their feelings to their parents or even to therapists. Sometimes, music or visual art is more effective. Give your children numerous opportunities to express their feelings through various means, including music and artwork.

As a parent, you can have a profound impact on your child’s recovery. If medical bills prevent your child from obtaining the full care he or she deserves, get in touch with Smith, Wallis & Scott, LLP to learn more about your options.

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