How to Avoid Reinjury While Out on Workers’ Compensation: Insights for the Restless and Anxious

A workplace injury has left you unable to complete your typical job duties. Reinjury could result in a much longer leave, and may even call the legitimacy of your earlier workers’ compensation claim into doubt. At this point, avoiding additional injury should be your chief priority. Speak with your doctor and therapist about the following potentially resourceful ideas:

Strength Training and Physical Therapy

Targeted exercises can restore strength to injured muscles, while also preventing strain on overused body parts. Visit your physical therapist regularly and complete all prescribed treatments at home. Do not rely on self-research for strength training exercises; you could inadvertently cause further harm.


A limber body and a good sense of balance are key to injury prevention. Consider enrolling in an easy yoga class at a local studio, or better yet, one specifically targeted at people dealing with illness and injury. Avoid the temptation to challenge yourself with an advanced course such as vinyasa or ashtanga, as overdoing it could lead to the exact afflictions you’re trying to prevent.

Eat Healthy

Nutrition can have a profound impact on your recovery and potential for reinjury. Avoid soft drinks, alcohol, and junk food, and, instead, consume vegetables, health fats, and protein. If you are a type 2 diabetic or insulin resistant, studies suggest you may benefit from consuming a diet limited in carbohydrate.

Take it Easy

The aftermath of a workplace injury is not the time to try strenuous new activities such as water skiing or snowboarding. Recreation-related reinjury is not eligible for compensation, and it could even call your previous injury into doubt. Consult a physician before trying any potentially strenuous activities.

As you recover, look to Smith, Wallis and Scott, LLP for assistance with your Georgia worker’s compensation claim.

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