More Insights: Caring for a Concussion Victim After a Car Accident

Taking Care Of Somebody Who’s Been Concussed in a Car Accident: Part 2

A mild form of traumatic brain injury, concussions lead to intense pain, sensitivity and a whole host of other symptoms. Although these side effects typically disappear after a few days, some sufferers take weeks, even months to recover. Detailed below are a few of the best ways you can encourage prompt recovery for a loved one concussed in a car accident:

Encourage Rest

From colds to concussion, rest is nearly always the best solution. Your loved one may feel tempted to tough it out and get back to regular life, but this could cause further injury, followed by an even longer recovery period. Be the voice of reason during this difficult time, and encourage as much rest as possible—assuming that’s what a qualified physician suggests, of course. You can help by volunteering to take care of your loved one’s kids, completing chores or cooking meals. If you want to hang out, choose relaxing at-home activities instead of hitting up local bars or clubs.

Be Your Loved One’s New Memory

Remembering details can be all but impossible in the aftermath of a concussion. Your loved one may struggle to recall dates for medical appointments or other essentials. Implement an easy-to-use system for recording notes and providing deadline reminders. Google Calendar and other apps can work wonders, but you may have to navigate the app on your own, as concussion victims often find mobile devices difficult to use.

Help With Transportation

It could be some time before your loved one can resume driving, biking or even riding the bus safely. Ideally, this person will rest at home as much as possible, but your help can ensure easy access to medical services and other necessities. If you lack time for actual car rides, arrange for grocery delivery or home health care.

Offer Emotional Support

Sometimes, concussion victims just need a shoulder to cry on. Recovery can be intensely painful, but also frustratingly boring. Be prepared to listen as your beloved concussion sufferer shares the worst aspects of his or her experience. Your patience will not be forgotten. Seek additional support from Smith, Wallis, and Scott, LLP. Call us today at (770) 214-2500. We can help your loved one obtain fair, complete compensation for damages related to the car accident.

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