On Social Security Disability and Making the Most of Time

Prioritizing What’s Really Important When Time Is Precious

Whether you’re terminally ill or simply busy managing a chronic disability, time is likely your most precious commodity. Instead of falling prey to grief or anxiety about your limited hours, optimize your schedule by highlighting a few priorities. Struggling to get started? Follow these simple suggestions:

Determine What Matters

Off the top of your head, name the three things that matter most in life. Now, dig deeper to determine why they matter. Do you devote as much time or attention to these priorities as they warrant? If you answered no, what stands in the way?

Cut Out the Non-essentials

Nobody ever feels as if they have enough time, but you enjoy even less room for unnecessary distraction than your peers. Identify time expenditures that fail to improve your quality of life or spur you towards accomplishing your goal. A prime example: social media. Does surfing Facebook or Instagram really make you happier, or does it incite envy? Block social media apps on your phone or delete your accounts altogether. Replace that time with meaningful activities that deliver true satisfaction.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

If Tim Ferriss teaches us anything in the acclaimed 4-Hour Workweek, it’s that more time does not always elicit better results. He’s all about deep work, in which you eliminate distractions to accomplish great things. Determine where your efforts are wasted, and how a few small tweaks could expedite work, chores, and other necessities.

Cut Yourself Some Slack

It’s impossible to accomplish all things at all times, especially if you’re dealing with severe illness or disability. Forgive yourself for your inability to do it all. Do what you can, when you can, and live in the moment.

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