Overwhelmed by Your Social Security Disability Case?

Don’t Keep Thoughts About Your Social Security Disability Case In Your Head

It’s easy to bottle up your frustrations about your Social Security Disability (SSD) issues and let the world assume you’re handling a difficult situation with ease. This approach could set you up for future aggravation; eventually all that stress may lead to severe anxiety or depression. Read on to learn how an understanding of “psychic RAM” and the role of writing could ease your SSD-based stress.

Psychic RAM

Acclaimed author David Allen uses the term psychic RAM to describe the brain’s inability to accept an obligation without considering it a binding contract. Thus, if not completed, tasks will eat away at you until finally finished. Psychic RAM has no sense of time, so unfilled obligations can continue to bother you for years, even decades. Despite being invariably overloaded, your psychic RAM insists that you work on finishing all tasks at all times. Clearly, this can quickly become overwhelming, especially if certain obligations (such as bringing a difficult SSD case to a close) are not fully under your control.

How Writing Helps

Our minds generate great ideas but are less capable of hanging on to them. Instead of letting thoughts linger and destroy your wellbeing, get them onto paper. Write down whatever crosses your mind, no matter how silly or embarrassing it may seem.

Upon externalizing all troublesome ideas, formulate plans to help you tackle concerns head-on. For example, if you fear late rent due to your current or future lack of SSD benefits, draft a plan for obtaining necessary funding or changing your living situation accordingly. Even if you fail to act on that plan, writing it all out will make you feel better.

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