Parenting While on Social Security Disability

Living With a Disability or Illness When You Have Children Depending on You

Parenting is a struggle in the best of circumstances, but serious illness or disability can make even seemingly simple tasks a nightmare. Read on to learn more about parenting successfully as you deal with your disability:

Don’t Allow Kids to Shoulder Too Much of the Burden

Eager to help, your children may take on a greater extent of household chores, or your teen may contribute to your strained budget with a part-time job. Limit your kids’ desire to sacrifice on your behalf.

Ask Loved Ones For Help—Or Hire Assistance

Your kids shouldn’t shoulder the burden of running your household, but other adults can certainly help. Accept loved ones’ offers of assistance, or hire somebody to help with yard work and inside chores. Tutors can provide homework help, and babysitters can take over during medical appointments. If you can’t afford to hire help, you may qualify for government-funded personal assistance services (PAS).

Join Support Groups

Whether designed for disabled parents or parents in general, support groups allow you to release the emotional burden of parenting. Groups also arrange fun outings for children and their parents. Struggling to find the right group in your locale? Take your search online. Facebook’s Disabled Parenting Project is an excellent source of support and information.

Embrace Your Unique Gifts

Accept that you simply won’t be able to fulfill some of the tasks typically associated with parenthood. There’s nothing wrong with that—you bring plenty of gifts and abilities to the table. Capitalize on those in the interest of raising a well-rounded, compassionate child.

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