Rebounding After Your Georgia Car Accident

Looking Ahead to a Better Life After Your Georgia Car Accident

If you so choose, even the unexpected setbacks can bring new and positive possibilities. If you so choose, you can find value and fulfillment in every circumstance. Ralph Marston
A terrifying car accident can change your entire outlook on life. Suddenly, every trip to the grocery store feels like an ordeal. Many survivors suffer PTSD and depression, but these and other issues can be overcome. The following are a few thoughts worth considering as you plan for a satisfying post-accident life:

Confidence and Prudence Behind the Wheel

Use the pain of your car accident to transform you into a better person. What can you, as a driver, do to prevent future crashes? Take responsibility for your role (if any) in the accident, and vow to drive attentively and responsibly in the future. Set your goals in writing; researchers at Dominican University claim that those who physically record their aspirations achieve far more than those who merely think about their goals.

Some post-crash driving related anxiety is natural. Persevere. Bring a friend if necessary, but get behind the wheel often so you can improve both your skills and confidence.

Embrace the Stockdale Paradox

Still stuck in a rut after a traumatic car accident? Look to the Stockdale paradox for motivation. Named for Vice Admiral James Stockdale, the theory presents an alternative to candy-coated optimism. It suggests that sufferers should acknowledge the reality of their situation, but resolve to persevere anyway. Your post-crash dream life may not look exactly like your past ambitions, but with a little grit, you can accomplish great things.

Dr. Dennis Charney explains it eloquently here: “The Stockdale Paradox really defines the optimism that is most important in becoming a resilient person and that is, when you’re faced with a challenge or a trauma, you look at that challenge objectively. You might make the assessment, ‘I’m in really big trouble.’ You have a realistic assessment of what you’re facing. On the other hand, you have the attitude and the confidence to say, ‘But I will prevail. I’m in a tough spot, but I will prevail.’ That is the optimism that relates to resilience.”

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