Scared of Driving After a Loved One’s Accident

Dealing With the Fear of Driving After a Loved One’s Car Crash

Your loved one recently suffered a horrific car accident, and now, the mere thought of driving fills you with fear. Unfortunately, avoiding the road may be out of the question, especially if the car crash victim in your life requires transportation for medical appointments and courtroom endeavors. These tips will help you get over your crippling fear and return to full confidence behind the wheel:

Start Slow

If you’re afraid to drive, the worst place to confront your fear is a busy freeway at rush hour. Instead, stick to back roads and lighter traffic until you feel comfortable.

Drive With a Friend

If driving alone makes you feel anxious, arrange carpools or ask a friend or family member to accompany you on errands.

Enroll in a Defensive Driving Course

Defensive driving classes equip participants with the knowledge and split-second instincts they need to ensure the best outcome in the event of a collision. Once you complete the course, you should feel more in control behind the wheel.

Attend Therapy

If driving-related anxiety refuses to go away or creeps into other elements of everyday life, visit a therapist or counselor. Cognitive behavioral therapy could prove particularly helpful as you deal with intrusive rumination; your therapist can teach you to reframe your thoughts and fix incorrect notions. You may also benefit from exposure and response prevention therapy, which involves a series of tasks closely related to the cause of your current anxiety. The goal is to make anxiety-inducing tasks feel routine.

The stress of driving is bad enough after a car crash—the last thing you need is legal anxiety as well. The team at Smith, Wallis and Scott can ease this burden and help your loved one obtain compensation; get in touch today at (770) 214-2500 to learn more.

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