Setback in Your Social Security Disability Case?

Dealing Constructively With a Setback In Your SSD Case

Few Social Security Disability (SSD) cases lack complications. From outright claim denials to lengthy appeals, setbacks are part and parcel of the process. Unfortunately, they cause constant stress, which can only further harm your already compromised health. The better you can handle inevitable setbacks, the better outcomes you’ll enjoy, both for your legal case and your personal health.

Expect Setbacks

A shocking 65 percent of SSD claims face initial denial. Many more people struggle to obtain the evidence they need to win appeals. With such tough odds, the saying “Expect the worst and hope for the best” definitely applies.

Focus on the Big Picture

An immediate victory would be amazing, but that’s simply not how it works for many people. With SSD applications, it’s all about persistence. You stand a strong chance of success if you work diligently with your attorney, but you can kiss benefits goodbye if you throw in the towel at this early stage.

Emphasize Next Steps

Stop worrying about your previous inability to secure SSD benefits; shift your focus to the road ahead. Meet with your attorney to discuss a viable backup plan. Write a brief to-do list based on that plan, and tackle at least one task each day. If nothing else, prompt action will prevent you from ruminating on your latest SSD failure.

Determine a Plan B

You’re dead set on securing SSD benefits, but what if that doesn’t happen? You’ll feel far more confident if you plan for the worst case scenario. Outline the likely impacts of repeated claim denials, and draft a step-by-step plan for how you’ll get by even if you never achieve the benefits you deserve.

If you face an unexpected setback in your Social Security Disability case, look to Smith, Wallis and Scott for advice. Our respected law firm can quickly get your case back on track. Call us at (770) 214-2500.

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