Sick and in Need of Social Security Disability: Dealing with the Holidays

Celebrating the Holidays When You Are Profoundly Injured or Sick

Ill health can make it difficult to enjoy many of the trappings of a festive holiday season. Limited mobility might prevent you from traveling to loved ones’ homes to celebrate. Social media images and braggadocious Christmas letters spark feelings of envy. No matter your circumstances, happy holidays are possible—you simply need to adjust your mindset and, perhaps, your plans.

Host a Laid-Back Holiday Party

Unable to travel for the holidays? Why not bring the festivities to your place? No matter the size or state of your home, you can always host a wonderful party. Invite friends and family members over for a potluck or game night. Not comfortable at home? Meet up with friends at a local restaurant and let someone else do all the work.

Find a New Way to Exchange Gifts

The cliché about presence outranking presents definitely applies, especially if limited mobility and financial difficulties prevent traditional gift giving. Find a new way to give. Examples could include setting a dollar limit on gifts, playing a white elephant exchange game, exchanging homemade (or better yet, home-baked) gifts, or forgoing gift giving altogether.

Give Back

Remember—as bad as you have it, others are likely suffering even more than you are this holiday season. Gratitude and giving can alleviate much of your current turmoil. Get involved in a Toys for Tots drive, or if you’re able, volunteer at a local soup kitchen. Mobility and budgeting issues may limit your ability to assist your community, but even something as simple as a few cents for Salvation Army collectors can make a difference.

The holiday season may be in full swing, but there’s no better time to seek legal support. Contact Smith, Wallis & Scott, LLP today at (770) 214-2500 to seek feedback on your SSDI case.