Social Security Disability and Boredom: Solutions!

Security Disability (SSD) process: benefits rarely arrive exactly when you need them. If you’re like most prospective beneficiaries, you’re in for a long and frustrating wait. In the meantime, you may experience significant boredom, especially if your injury prevents you from leaving the house as often as you’d like. These solutions may help:

Replace Television with Books

TV in moderation is just fine, but far too many people with chronic pain spend entire days staring at screens. Books provide just as valuable of an escape, allowing you to better immerse yourself in a new and exciting world. If possible, join a local book club. Many meet just once a month. This is a great way to expand your social network and learn something new.

Take Online Classes

Nothing zaps boredom more quickly than learning. Choose a subject you find intriguing, and take a class. If you can’t make it to a community college or continuing education class, head online, where a variety of excellent classes are available for free.


It’s tough to get off the couch, but moderate exercise could relieve some of your pain. Not only will you build muscle and range of motion, but you’ll also enjoy regular bursts of endorphins. Start small with yoga videos on YouTube or brief walks in the park.

Express Yourself

When the burden of your injury and your wait for benefits becomes too much to bear, turn to music or art. In addition to finding relief from the emotional pain that accompanies your physical suffering, you’ll create something truly beautiful to behold.

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