Social Security Disability Case Evidence: an Overview

What Types of Evidence Do You Need to Win a Social Security Disability Case? Part 1

Merely claiming you have a condition worthy of Social Security disability is not good enough; the Social Security Administration (SSA) mandates that you provide ample evidence of your illness or injury. Thankfully, a variety of records and documents can be used to prove your eligibility. Keep reading to learn more:

Acceptable Medical Sources

The SSA highlights a variety of healthcare professionals who can be relied upon for proof of your debilitating condition. These medical experts play a critical role in assessing your impairment and gathering necessary evidence. They include:

  • Primary care physicians
  • Certified speech-language pathologists
  • Licensed optometrists
  • Qualified podiatrists

Other Sources

In select cases, non-medical sources may be called upon to confirm the presence of a severe physical or mental impairment. Often, this information is sought from school professionals who work with children suspected of having disabilities. Examples include school nurses, school psychologists, social workers, and caregivers. Alternative health care practitioners may also be called upon for insight into the patient’s condition. Adults seeking compensation occasionally obtain feedback from employers, volunteer coordinators, audiologists, or chiropractors.

Submitting Reports

Physicians and specialists may be asked to provide thorough reports about a particular patient’s impairments. Typically, these include the individual’s medical history, recent diagnoses, clinical findings, and prescribed treatments. Medical professionals may also be asked to submit detailed statements indicating what the person in question can and cannot accomplish due to the impairment. The focus should be on work-related activities, such as heavy lifting, carrying objects, traveling, speaking, or even sitting still for long periods of time.

A thorough understanding of required materials can greatly improve your chances of obtaining benefits. Contact Smith, Wallis and Scott, LLP today for assistance with finding and presenting the evidence needed to win your Social Security disability case

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