Social Security Disability Case Evidence: Part Two

What Types of Evidence Do You Need to Win a Social Security Disability Case? Part 2

Despite your best efforts to obtain evidence from your primary health care provider, you still risk being turned down for Social Security disability benefits. How can you defeat the odds win your case? Read on to find out.

Consultative Examinations

If initial assessments fail to garner approval for benefits, you may be asked to schedule a supplemental exam. The Social Security Administration mandates use of the treating source, unless that facility lacks appropriate equipment or the claimant otherwise has a good reason for using independent information.

Following the exam, the responsible health care professional will submit a report consisting of the injured party’s top physical or mental problems, the history of those complaints, the believed validity of said grievances, and anything unusual circumstances. The report may also include a statement indicating what the person can reasonably expect to accomplish at work. If the medical professional suspects mental impairment, he or she should indicate the individual’s ability to comprehend instructions and respond appropriately to typical workplace scenarios.

Symptom Considerations

A list of symptoms alone may not be enough to demonstrate that you deserve disability benefits. A variety of other factors may increase your suffering, making a seemingly minor grievance far more difficult to handle, particularly in the workplace. When assessing your current condition, your health care provider should take the following into account:

  • Intensity of pain or discomfort
  • Side effects of medication or other treatments
  • Other methods the claimant uses to relieve pain
  • Aggravating factors

Thorough evidence can significantly enhance your likelihood of coming away with the benefits you so desperately need during this difficult time. When in doubt, err on the side of more proof.

Reach out to Smith, Wallis and Scott, LLP today to learn how you can prove your eligibility for Social Security disability.

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