Stories of Grace After a Car Accident

Stories of Rebound: How Others Have Found Grace and Insight After Someone They Love Was Hurt in a Car Crash

Car accidents significantly change relationships, but not always for the worse. Despite suffering physical trauma and mental anguish, victims and their loved ones often go on to enjoy stronger relationships and a new sense of appreciation for life’s gifts, as evidenced by these remarkable stories:

Meredith from The Office: Repairing Friendships

This example may be fictitious, but it resembles enough real-world situations to be compelling. In a memorable episode of The Office, Michael Scott hit Meredith with his car. The crash occurred at low speed, but led to a hospital stay. Although inconvenient, it proved life-saving—Meredith discovered that she had rabies. Michael, of course, took credit for the diagnosis. Ultimately, their interactions in the hospital led to a stronger friendship.

Scott: The Spark For a Unique Collection

After he and his mother were involved in a car crash (thankfully only sustaining minor injuries), Jalopnik reader Scott fell in love with child safety seats. He now boasts a strong following on Pinterest, where he showcases his vast collection. His hobby may strike others as odd, but he finds it deeply satisfying.

Car Accident, Then Wedding Bells

A devastating accident involving a drunk driver left then newly-engaged Anna Claire Waldrop a quadriplegic, but that didn’t stop her from marrying the man of her dreams. The childhood sweethearts somehow managed to wed on the date they’d originally booked for their nuptials. This special event granted them great healing. Her husband claims that their relationship is “a thousand times stronger” than before the accident.

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