Strategies to Recover After a Work Related Back Injury

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Taking Care of Your Back After a Workplace Accident

A shocking 80 percent of Americans experiences back pain at some point in their lives. While many witness gradual onset with age, others suffer acute pain due to workplace accidents. Quick recovery hinges on prompt medical attention and proper care at home.

Eager to eradicate back pain? This is obviously not a medical blog. And you should never change your exercise or dietary regimen before speaking with your doctor—but you might find these insights useful:

Rethinking Bed Rest?

Medical experts once prescribed rest as a cure-all for back problems, but recent research suggests that prolonged rest could hurt more than it helps. Today, authorities generally recommend gently resuming physical activity soon after an accident. A simple stroll every day can make a world of difference, as can recovery-oriented yoga classes.

Take Regular Breaks

Instead of committing to long, uninterrupted periods of bed rest, talk to your doctor/therapist about taking regular breaks to avoid overloading your back. Breaks may prove necessary for both physical and sedentary activities. For example, instead of sitting at your desk all afternoon, stand up and move around at least once every half hour.

Be Diligent About Physical Therapy

Merely visiting your physical therapist on occasion is not good enough; honor all appointments and complete any recommended exercises. Be honest with your physical therapist about your routine and current pain. Avoid underplaying or exaggerating what’s happening with you.

Don’t Expect an Immediate Recovery

Moderate your expectations. Anticipate weeks, possibly even months of difficulty following your back injury. Don’t get frustrated if your back doesn’t heal as quickly as you initially hoped. If you push recovery and try to return to your regular routine before you’re ready, you could suffer even worse injuries.

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