The Art and Science of Delegating Chores When Your Back Hurts

Delegating Chores Effectively With an Injured Back

From shoveling the driveway to folding laundry, you never realized the important role your back played in household chores until now. Unfortunately, as you recover from a debilitating back injury, you’ll likely find it exceedingly difficult to keep up with household obligations. Effective delegation can ensure that you contribute to the household without experiencing undue pain.

Perform Mental Chores

From budgeting to taxes and even sorting through junk mail, you’re still probably capable of completing a variety of essential tasks. As you divvy up these chores with your partner, children and household assistants, allow somebody else to do the heavy lifting. You can contribute by tackling paperwork and other low-impact activities.

Learn How to Perform Chores Properly

Select chores may still be possible if you’ve suffered a mild to moderate back injury. Avoid additional pain by performing tasks correctly. For vacuuming, raking and mopping, this means turning your trunk with your feet planted, rather than extending your arms while bending at the waist.

Invest in Outside Services

Caregivers suffer a huge burden; in addition to their usual responsibilities, they must provide round-the-clock care and take on a greater share of the housework. Landscaping or cleaning services could make their lives far easier, removing at least one item from their ever-increasing to-do list. If you can’t afford professional services, hire a local teenager to mow the lawn or boost your kids’ allowance in exchange for a little extra help around the house.

Don’t Trust Reduced Pain

The pain from your injury may ease up, but that’s doesn’t mean you’re ready for tough physical labor. Don’t trust suddenly disappearing pain; visit your physical therapist or physician to confirm that you’re ready for heavy lifting or other physically demanding jobs.

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