Trigger Point Resources for Injured Georgia Workers

Workers’ Compensation Claimants: Bookmark These Resources on Trigger Point Treatment for Your Back

If you suspect trigger points (TPS) are responsible for your current work-related back pain, the following resources offer useful insight:

The Concise Book of Trigger Points

A classic in the growing trigger point field, this essential guide has been translated into over twenty languages. Although published over a decade ago, the manual has been updated on numerous occasions with the latest research. Detailed information and illustrations will help your (and your doctor) navigate TPS and referred pain.

Trigger Points Explained With Animation

Looking for a simplified explanation of trigger points, accompanied by easy-to-understand visuals? Check out this YouTube video, which breaks down all the terminology you struggle to keep straight.

What Is a Trigger Point? Trigger Points Explained

Wizard of Health offers a simple trigger point 101 video on YouTube. The four-minute clip provides a basic definition of trigger points, along with a break-down of the confusing terms included in the typical medical definition. The video also provides a valuable analogy involving an adapter plugged into a socket, which makes it easier to grasp confusing concepts.

Needling Therapies in the Management of Myofascial Trigger Point Pain

Interested in dry needling or acupuncture? This notable study explores the expanding role of these therapies in TPS pain management. Further insight into dry needling can be found in an additional study from the APTA’s Physical Therapy journal.

Myofascial Pain Syndrome Support Group

Finding social support for your condition can be a real struggle. Thankfully, multiple support groups exist online. This group from DailyStrength is especially valuable. Browse existing threads or ask the group’s 200+ members for input. (Of course, do not engage in any therapy without first consulting a qualified physician.)

The better you understand trigger point induced pain, the better you can advocate for yourself as a workers’ compensation claimant. Smith, Wallis, and Scott can help you every step of the way; contact us today to learn more.

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